6.5" głośnik niskotonowy

80W AES, 8ohm, 87.9 dB

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This 6.5" is a member of the ultra low distortion woofer family from PURIFI. Compared to the renowned PTT6.5X family, the W-version has higher sensitivity and is well suited for applications that doesn't require extended excursion.

The driver incorporates the easily recognizable PURIFI NeutralSurround suspension and ultra-linear motor system PURIFI PureDrive technology working in concert to elevate performance to a whole new level despite of it’s compact size.

The PTT6.5W08-NFA-01 features:

Vibroacoustic optimized cone and dust cap in proprietary paper fiber mix

Negligible Force Factor Modulation (FFM) and Surround Radiation Distortion (SRD)

Ultra Low Magnetic Hysteresis Distortion (MHD)

Best mix of volume displacement and midrange efficiency

Uncompromised midrange performance

Designed and manufactured in Denmark

Szczegóły produktu

Średnica / Nominal diameter
6,5" (165mm)
Impedancja / Nominal impedance
8 Ohm
Moc AES / AES power rating
Efektywność SPL / Sensitivity
87.9 dB
Częstotliwość rezonansowa / Resonance frequency
39 Hz
Dobroć całkowita QTS / Total Q-factor
Średnica cewki / Voice coil diameter
1,54" (39mm)
Materiał magnesu / Magnet material
ferryt / ferrite
Waga netto / Net weight
1.75 kg
Materiał membrany / Cone material
Mieszanka włókien papierowych